Good Stuff From The Ground

Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior), the flower that Singaporean hawkers use for Rojak and essential ingredient in many nonya dishes.

The two new growths are of the same height but the one on the left is a flower spike but the one on the right is a new shoot.

The beautiful flower if the flower bud is allowed to open instead of being used for cooking.

Even the little red sunbird thinks so too.

Another good stuff!! Japanese sweet potato. Very sweet and good texture without fibres.


A bunch of Pisang 'Rajah'.

Above: Close-up of the bunch.

Left: The plant of Pisang 'Rajah'

This is a red banana variety with a more spicy flavour.



This chili padi sprouted on its own and grew very fast. It is now beginning to form pods so let's wait and see.

This "Black" chili is actually very dark purple. It has very dark leaves as well. But the plant tends to wither off after producing a crop of chilies. This is very very hot!!! Hotter than chili padi. I am waiting for my scotch bonnet to fruit then i can compare them.

A better view of the black chili plants.

This variety of chili padi is supposedly from Myanmar. The pods are slim and the flesh barely wraps around the seeds as can be seen in the picture.

This is a close-up of the Myanmar chili padi.

Star Fruit.

The first layer of protection is a plastic bag. After which a piece of magazine paper is wrapped around the bag. To protect against squirrels, a bag made from green netting can be wrapped around the bag.

A good size star fruit.

A good harvest, mostly good sized fruits.

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