A Strange Looking Caterpillar ! (Polyura schreiber tisamenus)

This strange/weird-looking caterpillar was spotted on my Rosella plant yesterday. It looked so cute (ugly but adorable) that i had to take a few shots. It has this strange, almost horned growth on its head like a crown while the rest of the body is that of a regular catepillar. Yes, its all in the head.

Just found out that it is the Blue Nawab caterpillar(Polyura schreiber tisamenus) .

I am very sure it has something to do with the spiny growth below the rosella flower bract. Somehow i think it might be trying to mimic the look but the rest of the body gave it away. I was fooled for a moment though, thinking it was a piece of fallen leaf that a caterpillar had chewed off from the torch ginger above the rosella. Then i noticed the strange "horns" and the body.

And also not forgetting the sqarish flap at the rear, like a lobster's tail.

What kind of butterfly will it turn into? See this link: http://butterfly.nss.org.sg/expert/Polyura-schreiber/polyura-schreiber.htm


Miss Lim's Fruits

We were invited to Ms Lim's house during chinese new year. Her mom makes very good popiah and Penang Laksa. I am not really a fan of Penang Laksa but i ended up finishing 2 bowls of it and as for the popiah - i lost count of it.

The Penang Laksa comes with lots of herbs and spices plus fish and prawn paste.
Ms Lim's mom uses fresh crab meat for the popiah instead of prawns so it is very tasty. It is also fun to wrap your own popiahs.

The star fruit tree in her front yard is very old and produces lots of sweet star fruits.

The chiku tree is also very big with a very thick trunk. Part of the reason for the very good quality of fruit may be the soil, which is dark brownish black in colour, instead of the reddish clay type soil in singapore and some parts of the region.