Ebony and Ivory

My black chili almost completely died out last year.  Luckily, i found a small surviving plant which produced one single small black chili with only 3 seeds.  I gave them all to Mrs Phua who managed to get two plants out of the 3 seeds.  She kept one plant while i kept the other and now i have my black chilis again.
The black chili starts off by being very dark and then slowly it looses some of the dark purple pigment,          taking on a bit of green before turning bright red.  This is when i must remove the chili or else it will become  bird/chicken food. 

The picture above shows the blck chili turning green.  It will soon become red and ready for picking.

The above is the white chili from an interesting uncle in Penang.  He won an award in Penang for his effort in converting the surrounding land into a very beautiful herb and vegetable plot.

This type of white chili does not turn red or orange in color.  When it is ripe, the chili looses its yellowish tinge and becomes pure white in color.


Impatens Balsamina

This is the flower of the Balsam plant that my mom insists i must grow.  I'm not quite a Balsam person but the flowers turns out to be really beautiful.