Pulasan and Pineapple

Me with the pulasan tree that i have planted 3 years ago. The tree fruits every year but in the beginning the fruits were flattened and contains no flesh or seeds, just skin. Maybe due to lack of nuitrients.

This latest harvest shows great improvement in the fruit quality. Likely due to the maturity of the tree.

A bunch of pulasans. The semi-red ones are already very sweet.

This is almost fully ripe. The dark patches in the picture is actually ant hive material. The ants are using the hard spikes of the fruit to hold their hive in place so need to bang the fruit on a hard surface to dislodge them before opening the fruit.

Another bunch with ant hive material, quite harmless actually.

This is a plant ripen pineapple grown from the crown of a dole pineapple bought from NTUC. One year plus and all you get is a small fruit although it is quite sweet. My mom says better to buy from NTUC.