Barbados Cherry

A very nice red cherry ready to be plucked. The fruit is slightly sourish but the sourness diminises as the fruit ripens. 


Three Different Gingers

Curcuma longa (Tumeric)

The beautiful white flowers of the tumeric ginger looks even more stunning in the morning sun.  The roots can be used fresh or dried and grounded into tumeric powder, used in many curry dishes.  One to two leaves added to chicken curry imparts a unique spiciness so typcal of Malaysian and Indonesian curries.

Curcuma zedoaria

This ginger produces beautiful deep purple flowers and has roots which produces interesting edible "storage tubers" like a potato.  These tubers are produced from root extensions from the main ginger root.  I tried to produce new plants from these yam-like tubers but it didn't work so i guess they are purely for storage of food reserves.  The plant went dormant for some time and i thought i'd lost it so i bought one more root but soon afterwards it re-appeared, growing even bigger this time. The leaves of this ginger have a purple stripe that runs along the mid-rib.

Unknown Ginger

Another beautiful ginger. But i still don't have the name of this one.