Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

The flower bud of Rosella. The flower is typical hibiscus type and lasts only a day.

The buds can be harvested and made into a nice refreshing ribena-like drink. The Taiwanese drink it a lot in Karaokes to soothe their throat.
If i can, i will mix in a few Barbados cherries. This alters the sourness slightly and makes the drink even more refreshing.
My orchids:

Dioscorea japonica

This is the leaf of Dioscorea japonica (japanese yam) which i got from a friend in Penang. Every year, near chinese new year she would obtain a few of the root from a relative and use it to cook a desert similar to Cheng T'ng. The root would be washed, skinned and sliced. Only one leaf is shown cos i just re-planted the vine into the pot after digging up the yam for cooking.

Left: This is the root that i dug up from my pot after planting for a year.
Below: Another view of the root.

Etlingera elatior white torch

This is the plant of the white torch. I purchased a stem cutting from CTC market together with some other colleagues. Theirs did not survive. The plant had grown into a big clump now.

Close-up of the flower bud which was about a week old and still opening.

The fully opened flower showing the pure complete whiteness of the flower.

This is the red torch, for comparison.