Longans harvested

After many weeks of developing, a few bags of Longans were ready to be harvested.  I bought the green netting from Far East, cut them to size and then used fishing line to sew each piece into a bag.  This is really useful against squirrrel attacks. 

This time the Longans were quite big, slightly bigger than a 50 cent coin.  I realised that i should not let too many bunches of fruit remain on the tree cos they drain the tree's  nutrients and leads to generally smaller fruits.

Many big Longans were produced this time. 


Red Hot Scotch Bonnet Chili(Correction : AJI ORCHID)

The scotch bonnet chilis are beginning to turn red.  These are piacs of two of them.  I am quite hesitant to use them cos they are supposed to be fiery hot.