I followed some instructions from a guy's website and planted a few pineapple plants. The trick is not to cut off the top of the pineapple with a knife but use your hand to twist out the crown of the pineapple instead. It is amazing how easily the top of the pineapple comes off with a twist of the wrist. Two of the plants are fruiting now.
After growing pineapples for a couple of years, you must really appreciate the hard work and life of the farmers.
It takes more than a year for the plant to mature to flowering size and you need good earth and plenty of sunlight. All for one fruit that costs at most $4 (the most premium types from Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam etc). The normal Malaysia type (Honey pineapple) costs only $1.30 for a large fruit in NTUC supermarket and 70 cents in the AMK market. There is really no justice if you consider how much the farmer actually gets for one fruit (30 cents maybe) after growing it for a year while some bastard sips champagne, smoke cigars and makes billions selling some junk shitty crap bonds.

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