40-Day Banana 四十日蕉

This is a variety of banana that some locals refer to as the 40-day banana. This is because instead of 90 days, the banana ripens in 40 days. I think it is closely related to the local variety "Pisang Emas" . 40 days? fact or not, I'll know soon enough. I am now planting them in pots to start them off and the new leaves are growing bigger than the previous ones so that is a good sign.


  1. 40 days!? From planting? or from fruiting? I thought the plant has to first grow a year before fruiting?!

  2. It ripens in 40 days so the counting should be from the appearance of small little bananas to fully ripen. Other types take 80 to 90 days. Of course not including the number of months that the plant takes to mature.

  3. How big will this grow to? I'm trying to source for one but not sure which type to get. Can share where did you get this from?