Red Hot Scotch Bonnet Chili(Correction : AJI ORCHID)

The scotch bonnet chilis are beginning to turn red.  These are piacs of two of them.  I am quite hesitant to use them cos they are supposed to be fiery hot.


  1. Hi joe, my name's rob. i'm fr pj,selangor. yr scotch bonnets r looking really pretty n healthy. i'm impressed. i got to know these wonderful, really hot chillies 1st time fr my last trip to london, that was in sept 09. i brought some back to msia, n my wife got them pronto into her kitchen n started using them in some of her dishes - she's a great cook, n u know what? they taste so good with all her dishes! so i was surprised to read in yr blog that u try not to even come into contact with them! that's a shame cos they actually blend so well into our local culinary wonders. i'v actually put some of the seeds out to grow n u know what? they'r beginning to flower now! i must say however that mine has white flowers a bit different fr yrs so i'm guessing we hv slightly different breeds. where did u get yr seeds fr? i was also quite intriqued by the way u use a chinese brush to "pollinate" them. fascinating blog u hv, i must admit - glad i bumped into it neighbor. all the best n keep on posting those terrific scotch bonnet pics!

  2. Hi Robert,

    So glad to hear from you and that you have actually tried those chilis and find them delicious. I must try them when i get a few more red ones. I got mine from Taiwan. On the way up to Alishan there is a halfway stop call "FenChi" Lake. I got the chili there from the owner of a coffee shop.
    Yes, will definitely post more pics soon cos the plant is producing lots of chilis this time.

    Best Regards


  4. Hi again joe, happy to hear yr scotch bonnet plant is beginning to bear even more chilis. Good job! U hv to post more pics. Wld love to see how they look, u know. Unfortunately, mine hasn't produced ANY chili yet, can't undrstd why cos there's an abundance of flowers. The problem is they keep falling off before anything else happens. What time do u water yrs? I was told it cld be because I water it too early in the morning - around 7.30 am. Was also told that my plant's roots cld be troubled by some form of contaminant - n was advised to treat it with some kind of micro-organic soil. What wld u advise?

  5. Hi Kunal,

    I have not seen them anywhere in Singapore yet. If you are interested to grow them you can send me an email.

  6. Hi Robert,

    I water them every morning around 7 to 8.00am. So far no problem with the root nematodes yet (touch wood). They are really heavy feeders and i give them three times the dosage of orchids. My chilis are weakly held too and if i accidentally brush against them they fall off. I heard that using burnt earth is good so after some failure with my black chili i now make my own burnt earth. So far so good.

  7. Hi Joe, thanks for the advice - n do rmbr to post a few pics of yr "black" chillies when they come out, I'm sure yr readers r curious as me abt how they look like. I actually hv a piece of terrific news Joe abt my scotch bonnet plants - my wife spotted a little fruit just ystdy! Our v 1st scotch bonnet - sure was a long time coming. We'll take yr advice n be careful not to brush it too hard.

  8. HiJoe

    I have an abundence of green chillies on my plants but am unsure how long it takes for them to ripen. They are green at the moment, is it too late in the year for them to ripen properly as i still have alot of white flowers.

    Many Thanks

  9. Hi there, novice gardener but avid chilli eater here. Would like to know how to get hold of some of these plants/seeds! The chillies taste delicious!