Not Scotch Bonnet!! It's AJI ORCHID

Many thanks to Robert who pointed out to me that the Scotch Bonnet chili is really not as hot as i thought.  So last week i decided to cook some "Bak Kuk Teh" and use the Scotch Bonnet instead of the usual chili padi.  It was GOOD.  It has a nice flavour and is not hot at all, just a little spicy.

Sorry everyone.  This chili should be AJI ORCHID as described in http://www.thechileman.org/ .  That explains why the flower has a green patch and also the chili is only mildly hot.  The entire plant is very pretty when the chilis all turn red.  They look like little red lanterns.

This variety has many names: Balloon, Pimenta Cambuci, Campane, Peri Peri, Ubatuba Cambuci, Aji Flor, Bishops Crown and Bishops Hat. 


  1. Hi joe, glad u took the plunge! And, wow, spicing up yr Bak Kut Teh with it, too!! Terrific, n i kind of thought yr groovy bright-red chilis do look a bit different fr the scotch bonnets i brought back from london. So my suspicion was right - it isn't a "scotch bonnet" after all. Tbh, i think yr type's even prettier than scotch bonnets (which r far, far more wrinkled n crumpled-looking than yr type). Glad it's all turning red n pretty for u - more chili'd Bak Kut Tehs ahead for u obviously!!!

  2. Hi Robert,

    Definitely!! Somehow meat and chilis go well together, just different heat for different folks. I got a new white chili so must try that as well.

  3. Hi Joe, i agree with u absolutely on how well chillies n meat (esp pork) lock flavors. My 1st scotch bonnet fruit came out just ystdy, to our delight, n if everything goes well i'll soon be harvesting a couple of them for my wife to use in her cooking once again - that'll be a real treat for us, i can assure u!!

  4. Hi Joe, hope u can post a pic of yr new "white" chili - where did u get that from?