Interesting Places, Flora and Fauna in Bhutan

The open-air market from the airport to the city looks interesting so we couldn't resist asking the driver to stop there.  We Singaporeans never miss any shopping opportunity!

This is an interesting bird call Hoopoe.  Found it foraging among the grass in the Folk Heritage Musuem on my first day in Bhutan.  The little boy is doing what boys do - harass the poor bird.

Near the entrance there are many beautiful roses growing.  Roses have never been my favourtite flower but the roses in Bhutan are really huge and colorful.

On the second day of the trip, we had to do an introductory hike which would help us to acclimatise to the high altitude.  Along the way, there were interesting finds too.  I spotted a clump of Bulbophyllums at the bottom of the trial.

There is also an interesting bird which was not really afraid of humans.  It stayed on its perch for a long time despite me snapping away just a few feet away.

On top of the trail is the Chagri Dorjen Monastery and Tango University of Buddhist Studies.  Beautiful flowers are everywhere!


 Having tea in Bhutan

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