A Strange Looking Caterpillar ! (Polyura schreiber tisamenus)

This strange/weird-looking caterpillar was spotted on my Rosella plant yesterday. It looked so cute (ugly but adorable) that i had to take a few shots. It has this strange, almost horned growth on its head like a crown while the rest of the body is that of a regular catepillar. Yes, its all in the head.

Just found out that it is the Blue Nawab caterpillar(Polyura schreiber tisamenus) .

I am very sure it has something to do with the spiny growth below the rosella flower bract. Somehow i think it might be trying to mimic the look but the rest of the body gave it away. I was fooled for a moment though, thinking it was a piece of fallen leaf that a caterpillar had chewed off from the torch ginger above the rosella. Then i noticed the strange "horns" and the body.

And also not forgetting the sqarish flap at the rear, like a lobster's tail.

What kind of butterfly will it turn into? See this link: http://butterfly.nss.org.sg/expert/Polyura-schreiber/polyura-schreiber.htm

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  1. Joe,
    Did the caterpillar ate the Rosella leaves ?