Durian Trees at Balik Pulau

Lots of durians high up on the older trees. It seems that the older trees produce better quality fruits.
A spider web of raffia string radiating from the trunk of the durian tree to each durian on the tree.

This was a tall tree so a lot of hard work must have gone into the tying of these strings - dangerous.

Close-up view so you can see how the durian was tied.

At the trunk, all the lines terminated in a circle.

Up above, the raffia strings were looped on top of the branch then tied around the durian. The durians were tied this way if they were of good quality and also if the gound is hard. The owner does not want the durians to fall and hit the solid ground or huge roots. If that happens then the inside of the fruit may become marshy due to the impact or the fruit may open up.

A low hanging durian. I was standing on a large boulder while taking this shot.

Durians above a foot path full of torch gingers.

More yummy durians on a branch. The branch must be straining under such a heavy weight.

Close up of the bunch of durians. You can almost touch them.

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