Durian Trip to Balik Pulau Penang

Boarded coach from Golden-Mile Complex on 28-05-2009 and reached Penang on 29-05-2009 morning 7 am. Headed for a good breakfast at Jelutong Market then headed out straight for the Durian plantation which is located at the other end of Penang call 'Balik Pulau' which means the 'Back of the Island'. Along the way, you can see Durian stalls by the side of the road (but that's not interesting'). We turned into a side road after some driving and then beautiful scenery greeted us. There was a miniature waterfall, fed by a constant running stream from the hills. This stream flows through many of the farms located in the hills.

Along the narrow winding road up to the farm, there were lots of durian trees. Durians were everywhere. They were even above the car as we drove along the road. As we approached the bends along this road, we got to tweet the car horn to warn oncoming traffic cos they can't see round the bend and the road has a few spots for cars to 'siam' oncoming traffic.

If you survive the drive you will finally arrive, there you will be greeted by the guardian of the place - 'Doggy'

She'll lead you to the stash ......of durians kept by the owner Ah Hoon and her husband.

Some were award-winning durians of past years. Some were local favourites.



Ang- Heh (Red Prawn)

Kunyit (Mow San Wang)

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