Pineapple (Malaysian)

After growing for a year this pineapple plant finally decided to produce a pineapple.  The size of this pineapple is really the size of an apple.  Is this the reason for the name pine-apple?  What have i done to deserve this?  Yes, i must admit that i did not really care much for the plant but isn't it supposed to go find its own food around the roots?  And i did apply more fertilizer after i see the developing fruit.  Anyway i think i need to read up more on growing pineapples.

But i do have a neat trick to teach those who intend to plant your own pineapple:  Never use a knife to cut off the top of a pineapple if you intend to use it to get a new plant.  All you need to do is to get  a good grip on the top (wear gloves if you have tender hands), twist it clockwise in one strong move.  The top should come off cleanly bringing very little flesh with it.  All you need to do now is to leave the top in the open for 2 days so that it completely dries up.  After the bottom part of the top is dry you can then peel off some of the very small dried leaves to reveal very short developing roots.

You can now plant it and wait for a year to get your pineapple.  Hopefully it is bigger than an apple. Good Luck.

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