Interesting Flower of Typhonium trilobatum

This is the second time i see this strange flower in my backyard.  I used to pull out this plant when i see it in the garden cos i thought it was some useless weed.  Nowadays i let it grow and hopefully i can see the flower again.

The flower has a pungent 'cat poop' smell and is probably meant to attract some kind of flies.  However i did not see any flies hovering around the flower this morning.  it is also not long lasting cos when i got back from work at around 6.30 pm the flower had withered, turning soft and brown.

After checking through google i found that this plant is probably Typhonium trilobatum or some related species  (马蹄犁头尖 in mandarin).  
This is the picture of the flower this morning:

This is how the leaf looks like:

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