Chinese New Year in Penang VI

This is the Very Very Famous Mee Goreng of Penang. Mahmood's Mee Goreng at the corner of Bangkok Lane (near the Burmese Temple). It is featured in most Penang Tourist Food Guides. Mahmood is a friendly guy and would always give us extra big helping cos my wife has been eating there since she was a little girl. I have never seen a table not ordering from him cos everybody comes to this coffeeshop for his Mee Goreng. The coffeeshop owner is auntie Lily and she is also a very nice lady.

Mahmood's Mee Goreng has cuttlefish, potatos, beancurd and he gives a big slice of green Lemon so the taste is very good. I have never tasted such good Mee Goreng in Singapore. The marinated cuttlefish is very tasty and has a slightly chewy texture. Very different from the cuttlefish you'd find in s'pore's Yong Tau Fu (Niang DouFu).

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