Fresh Vegetables and Fruits (Jelutong Market CNY 2009)

You can get a lot of different fruits here.
Lots of vegetables too.

At a stall selling interesting crops, i chanced upon the very rare Dioscorea japonica (山芋)(Japanese Yam). It is very similar to Chinese Yam (山藥, 淮山 )(Dioscorea oppositifolia). The flesh is also white and slimy. According to the seller, it is seldom seen in markets and is available only near CNY time. You can use it to make 甜汤山芋. It is suppose to be good for improving complexion and prevent aging just like 山藥. I think i need to take some quickly.
Info on its medicinal properties here:-http://alternativehealing.org/huai_shan.htm

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