The Food to Die For (Jelutong Market CNY2009)

Street hawker stalls. Some people may question the hygiene but so far i have no problem with the food here. A quote from my ex-colleague Christian Hamoller "If you put it on a plate and it doesn't move i'll eat it".

The Curry Mee is good.

Curry Mee has arrived. It has cubes of pig's blood, toufu, cockles, cuttlefish and lots of mint on top. A spoon-ful of chili paste goes well with the curry soup and gives extra punch. That cup of ice-tea was also very very good and strong.

Next came the Prawn Mee. It has a few prawns and chunks of pork ribs and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Also comes with a spoon-ful of chili paste which must be added. The real difference is in the soup, which is out of this world. You csn also add Hoon-Cheong (intestine).

The Lor Mee. The starch used should be different from that in Singapore because the texture is a bit different. It has marinated pork, chicken feet and a very tasty Lor Neng ( Lu dan, or egg marinated in dark soy sauce). If i bring him to singapore i'll make a fortune.

The Fried Kway Kark is very similar to our Fried Carrot Cake. Here, you won't get the sweet sauce version. Everything is fried to a dark fragrant state using light and dark soy sauce.

This guy's porridge is also very unique because all the ingredients are chopped to small size and added on top of the porridge. There's chicken, salted egg, century egg and YouCharKuay, ginger and spring onions. You just mix the whole lot together and enjoy. Simply.... undescribably good.

This WanTon Mee is some people's favorite. But i personally prefer some of the better wanton mee in Singapore.

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